Look Up! 7 Amazing Tree Houses from Around the World

Amazing tree houses aren’t just for children anymore – in fact, some are so well made and carefully detailed, they rival most people’s homes. The artistry and innovation put into some tree house designs and plans elevates them from fun getaways to architectural wonders. They arere located all over the world, from just north of NYC to the rain forests of Costa Rica. These fifteen incredible tree houses might just make you want to leave your own home for a loftier living space.


10 Amazing Tree Houses

As a young child (or perhaps even an adult) who hasn’t dreamed of living tree houses? Some structures are built on trees or hung from trees, but some unusual tree house building designs are even grown from trees or built right into a tree. Some people live in trees as a luxury, some to help save the environment and others out of tradition or necessity. Here are ten incredible tree house building designs and ideas that range from functional to fanciful, sustainable to strange and affordable to incredibly expensive.

Burj Khalifa: 20 fascinating facts

Burj Khalifa – world’s tallest building is marvel of architectural genius of 21stcentury. Talk of its height or look at its design, this building is all set to leave you awestruck! Breaking several records and bagging new world records, this building sets global standards for affluence. Here are 20 interesting facts about Burj Khalifa that will make you utter only one word – “awesome!”